Why Are Ghosts Afraid of Salt?


Why Are Ghosts Afraid of Salt?

There are many different things that ghosts are ‘afraid, of, or that can be used to repel them. They are often very skittish, if one were to trust all the varying beliefs about them. Unfortunately, these are mostly just superstition. No, I’m not saying that ghosts do not exist, or that there is no such thing as the paranormal ‘ I am just saying that with all the many beliefs about ghosts, it is a wonder that people still think that they have problems with ghosts ‘š you would think that by chance, they would have something that would repel ghosts.

Salt however is a quite popular belief, that ghosts and other spirits or entities, whether evil or not, are afraid of it, or cannot cross a line of it, or that they will dissipate if they have salt thrown at them. Some people believe that it must be blessed salt, plain rock salt that has had prayers said over it by a Catholic priest, and will restrict a ghost from entering a dwelling. Others believe that the salt has to be directly from the sea.

Mostly, the reason that salt is used is because it is a pure substance, or so is thought by many. As well as being pure, it is a very earthly substance, and because ghosts are ethereal and not of this world, but of another world, or at least partially so, they are thus afraid of earthy material. Salts, dirts, waters and other such earthly elements are often used in various ways, processes and protective methods to repel, deter or dissipate ghosts and other spirits, evil or otherwise. Being very earth bound substances, they have the ability to transfer their quality to the area or thing that they touch, thus keeping otherworldly beings from attacking, possessing, damaging, tormenting or even simply existing.

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3 Responses

  1. ricki

    January 29, 2013 10:42 am

    The belief was started to sell more salt. Plain & simple.. It was a marketing ploy aimed to prey on people’s fear and salt was quite expensive.. Kinda like alarm system companies today

  2. Michael

    May 15, 2013 9:10 pm

    There is one thing i know that a salt line accros the door on the floor nad accros the windows keeps then out of a room . but rember you can also trap one in the roon if you dont drive them out of the room you are making safe .Befor making the room safe open all windows and use sage stick to drive out the sprit . Then salt the areas . I will tell you what my grandmother told me use elmer glue the white glue and lay a clear one line and then pour the salt that way it can not be blown or moved only by you , LOL and a witch will notice it first before you know that she or him is a practing witch good luck


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