Why are Ghosts more active at Night?

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Why are Ghosts more active at Night?

Ghosts are known to us as virtual manifestations of the dead bodies of humans. The stories related to ghosts are present in various cultures all over the world. The extent of the reality in those stories cannot be totally denied although they are not always acceptable. The matter about ghosts is mostly brought into discussions only to make us afraid of something that reduces our self confidence. It is believed that people who die with their desires not satisfied will be transformed into ghosts in order to fulfill these desires.

Some believe that ghosts are just products of the imagination. People who are weak-minded will start thinking negatively always and will be capable to see only the bad in this world. Ghosts might just be the creation of such people. However, there are certain real stories that tell us that there are ghosts seen by some people. Whatever may be the reason behind the existence of ghosts they are observed to be visible only during the night time. Many movies all over the world feature the ghosts only in the night time.

One reason why ghosts are active in the night time is that ghosts are considered as a mark of bad thoughts. Bad events, bad deeds or thoughts are compared with darkness. Generally, people get scared of any sudden abnormal things. If those abnormalities happen in the night when no one else is around, it will be more scary. Everyone at one time or other, might have come across ghost stories that are scary. When these ghosts are imagined in the night, they are more scary than if they are imagined in the day.

The purpose of ghosts is to frighten the people which can be done easily at night. In order to create a situation that frightens people and entertains those who love horror movies, ghosts are shown to be visible at nights more than in the day time.

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