Why are Ghosts not Real?

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Why are Ghosts not Real?

There is a lot of debate in this world regarding whether or not the existence of ghosts is myth or reality. There have been many supposed sightings of ghosts throughout history and even some captivating pictures and videos to back up these claims, but many have been shot down due to video or picture editing. So, the real question that should be asked is whether or not we will ever be able to have definitive proof that ghosts actually roam this world amongst the humans.

This question is probably asked as often and most likely should be placed in the same category as wondering whether the UFO sightings that we all hear about can be trusted. In my opinion, it all comes down to faith and what you believe in religiously and spiritually. That is a very vague way to go about things because neither of those things are really based on actual truths, but rather what makes us more comfortable in our living situations and beyond life.

I must say, though, that some of the pictures and videos that I have seen on TV and the internet have really caught my attention in regards to the existence of ghosts and spiritual beings. There are definitely some unexplainable figures in the pictures and videos that even lifelong experts cannot decipher, so what does that say about the adamant theory that ghosts are not real? I think it places a hole in their cases and leaves it up to belief once again.

Once and for all, I really do hope that there is going to be someone, someday, that is able to find the definitive proof that we are looking for. I think it will answer a lot of the open-ended questions regarding the afterlife and religion itself, but until that happens, the question will be one that will debated strongly.

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