Why Are Girls Attracted to Bad Boys?

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Why Are Girls Attracted to Bad Boys?

There can be many answers to this question, but the main answer is that they are exciting and unpredictable. Yes, girls do want romance, but they do not want the same thing for every romantic evening. Being a ‘nice guy, is rather boring, because most guys do not really understand what being ‘nice, is really about. Girls do not want jerks, but they don’t want wimps that always submit to them either.

Girls like the powerful guy who likes to take charge, but they also like a guy to respect them. They don’t always go out of their way to make you feel special, but when they do it is so much better. On the other hand, when you are always made to feel special, like the more important on in the relationship, not only does it get boring, but it gets quite annoying. It would go from being something that is appreciated to being part of a normal everyday type thing, something that you no longer appreciate. It becomes drab and boring, and no one wants this, especially not girls.

To bad boys, this just seems to come naturally, and they can easily catch and keep a girl by following it. Girls will oftentimes fall for guys that are just bad to begin with, because they can sense a life of excitement, of unexpected turns and twists. It is important to note, however, that just because they are with a bad boy, it doesn’t mean that they are being treated well: some girls put up with way too much disrespect to keep that sort of excitement. Treating a girl right, while still bringing her excitement is the real key to getting a girl. Bring her a cup of coffee one morning, but the next, just walk by, turning your head only slightly to catch her attention for a millisecond. Pique her interest, and then treat her like a woman.

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