Why are Girls Emotional?

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Why are Girls Emotional?

Both males and females wonder sometimes why girls get so emotional, but it usually isn’t just one thing that causes this to happen. Depending on the girl in question’s age, there are quite a few factors in determining what exactly caused the emotions to come up in the first place. Girls are complex creatures that take a lot of patience to understand. Sometimes they can’t even understand for themselves why they become so emotional. It really is a matter of breaking down the big issues and then getting to the smaller ones to figure out the answer.

Relationships do seem to effect girls emotionally a bit more than they do guys, but this is mostly because girls show their emotions more often than males. It may seem sometimes that the littlest thing makes a girl blow up in your face, but 99% of the time there is something else that was really upsetting her before the little thing happened. Talking about it and finding out what that big thing was can help you to understand what the underlying issues are.

One thing that has been proven to be true over time is that girls worry more than guys do from a very young age and that continues on into adulthood. They worry about family issues, relationships, their jobs, their futures, and many other things. These worries alone can make a girl get emotional and what makes this worse for some people is that they just can’t help but worry all of the time.

Girls get emotional for a lot more reasons than these, but the fact remains that everyone gets emotional for a variety of reasons; not just girls. It’s just something that we all have to deal with and find a way to accept. Of course, some emotional issues that girls have are correctable and that takes a lot of caring and patience.

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    March 16, 2011 10:53 am

    i think it should and shouldn’t there are way more reasons that girls are emotional other than boys girls that go through puberty at a young age seem to be emotional and unaware of whats goin on with their bodies they worry and stress and don’t understand why some things happen and of course hormones and physical body changes and especially BOYS!!!!!!!! so girls just need to be heard and they want you to understand what their goin through be compassionate and willing to listen make them feel like they have nothing to worry about let them know that everyone goes through a certain stage in their life that they won’t unerstand at that particular time and lastly let them know that someone will always be there


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