Why are Glaciers melting?

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Why are glaciers melting?

The world has gone through a lot of major changes over the past decades. Gone are the simple days; mountains have been converted to industrial areas, and forests to roads or railways. Almost everything we see now depends on modern technology. The world has indeed evolved.

While the world continues to evolve and advance, we also experience global climate changes. We now feel extreme heat brought about by heat pollution from burning oil fuel to produce an electricity supply, the increased deforestation that results in the emission of carbon dioxide. All these pollutants trap more heat in the earth’s atmosphere, which consequently results in global warming.

With the sudden rise of global temperature, the glaciers all over the world have started to melt at a faster pace than before. Glaciers play very important roles in the balance of nature, not only by providing habitats for fish and animals and by absorbing approximately 20% of the sun’s heat, but also by providing ample water supplies for drinking and irrigation. Glaciers are known for being the world’s largest fresh water reservoir.

As the world continues to suffer from climbing temperatures and heat waves, the more the glaciers will melt, and this will definitely create havoc on earth’s natural resources, and to humanity.

Imagine what could happen if these gigantic blocks of ice melt completely:

Ã’šÃ‚· The sea’s water level will overflow, flooding all bodies of water in the area, and endangering lives of many people and animals.

Ã’šÃ‚· The flow of fresh water supplies will be disrupted, and may eventually cease.

Ã’šÃ‚· Animals, fish and birds will be stripped from their habitat, which may result in their extinction.

All of this is in fact happening, and will continue to happen if we do not do our share to conserve our resources and maintain the eco system to prevent more global warming. Let us educate ourselves in how we can do our share to save glaciers, and the earth we live in.

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