Why are Gray Wolves Endangered?

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Why are Gray Wolves Endangered?

There are two types of wolves available in United States of America. They are the grey wolf and the red wolf. The grey wolf is otherwise known as timber wolf. It is considered as one of the largest animals out of forty one species of the family Canidae. It is found that in various locations. The size of wolves varies. Adult wolves reach an average height of 164 centimeters and ninety centimeters above the shoulders. They weigh approximately eighty kilograms. It is observed that male wolves are large in size. These animals are very powerful and well -built. They have very thick puffy tail. The wolves vary in their color and gray color is common among them.

Wolves have generally fewer enemies. The reason for wolves getting endangered might be due to problems created by human beings. Humans have almost occupied the territory of these animals although wolves restrict themselves to the wild regions only. These animals have lost most of their habitat in about forty eight southern states of United States. It is painful to say that these animals are the most hunted group in all the National parks of the United States, all through the year. Wolves are hunted by ranchers and landlords until they are extinct.

As seen in various mythological anecdotes, people believe that wolves are dangerous to humans and hence they are afraid of wolves. Hunters prefer to hit wolves as these animals stand obstructing the hunters from killing farm animals which are used as food sources. We can say that it is a good habit of these wolves to choose the injured and very old animals from the group to kill them. They do not disturb the health of the young animals. These wolves which are saved are wild and avoid the habitat where man lives.

In the years between 1870 and 1877 fifty five thousand wolves were killed as they were shot by the hunters. They were also poisoned with strychnine. Wolves were also infected with mange to kill the total group slowly. In this way, they are considered to be endangered.

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