Why are GTOs called Goats?

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Why are GTOs called Goats?

One of the most significant car memories from childhood that I have is remembering running through one of my neighbor’s yards and always seeing this gorgeous blue GTO sitting in the gravel driveway of their home. The car was one of the most beautiful automobiles that I had ever seen and probably that I will ever see in my life again. It just looked so powerful and intimidating, but at the same time is was sleek and graceful. That combination is one that not many cars can ever claim to have and that is one of the main reasons why owning a GTO is one of my ultimate dreams to eventually be able to live out.

If you are ever around a car shop or talking with people who love to chat about cars in their free time, you will often hear them refer to a GTO as a GOAT. This does not mean that they are calling it an actual goat or saying that it is the ‘greatest of all time,, but rather than saying the letters out in the term GTO, they make it simple by just using the one syllable word, GOAT. This is just a lazy and simplified way of speaking which we all seem to do from time to time, but I have always thought that it kind of takes away from the power behind the three letters.

You will never hear me calling the GTO a goat, but if I did, it would be meaning the greatest of all time. That car is something special and the image of it from my childhood will never be forgotten. There are very few cars out there today that can boast what the GTO can boast and a lot of the recent cars have done their best to emulate what the manufacturers were able to get out of the GTO many years ago. Nobody has been able to duplicate it yet and I do not think that they ever will be able to.

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