Why are Guys so Confusing?

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Why are Guys so Confusing?

Being a guy is not always the easiest thing in the world and some of us make it a little bit more difficult on the rest by sometimes being indecisive and confusing to others. I have always thought that the reason behind all of this confusion was women and their quirky way of making us wonder and think about different mental options, but I actually now believe that the reason is held within each and every one of us and we have complete control over the situation.

In all of my past relationships, there always would come a point in time where mind games would come into play with the other person involved. I thought that maybe if I could get over on the other person that I would have complete control of the situation and not have to worry about anything anymore, but I was so totally wrong in that assessment. I was wrong because it does not take power or having the upper hand to make things go smoothly or to make one happy, rather it takes a mutual honesty and lack of confusion on both parts to actually have something fulfilling.

Guys tend to be confusing to women because they, though not by popular opinion, have self-image issues and their own lack of self assurance just like women do. It is just a little bit more difficult for guys to express these things because, by nature, men tend to want to look unflappable and immune to anything regarding emotions or feelings. This tends to cause a lot of confusion on the part of the female and thus leads to minds games and chaotic relationships. This can all be cured by being open and honest with yourself first and foremost. Then, and only then, can everyone lose the confusion and get on with their lives the right way.

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