Why Are Guys Such Jerks?

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Why Are Guys Such Jerks?

Unfortunately, communication between the sexes is a very difficult topic to approach. Men often think of women as needy, clingy, nagging, or objects; and women think of men as unemotional, lazy, dumb, and of course, jerks. But these are often simply societal interpretations of the way that each gender expresses themselves.

When we think of guys as jerks, we can actually be referring to a number of things. Not all of those things are necessarily bad things. Now don’t get me wrong, many guys really are jerks. Perhaps they weren’t loved as children and like to take it out on women. Perhaps they are just jerks by nature. These guys really are jerks and their reasons are probably too numerous for me to enumerate here. Some guys are just meant to be jerks, and nothing we can say or do can change that. There is of course a reason behind their madness and their behavior, but it is often times just best to leave and not try to fix the situation.

But girls, many of the guys you think are jerks are just not always that jerk-ish. Sure their behavior is not the best, but it many not be what you think. They m any not be returning your calls because they truthfully have no idea what to say, or how to explain themselves, or because they just don’t have any answers for you, especially if your calls are angry about something. They might be angry at themselves for some reason, or are afraid of hurting you even more (that is, if they still like you; sorry, hun, but it might just be that he is trying to break up with you ‘š maybe its all those clingy or angry calls you made). He might even have the dreaded commitment issues, and be afraid of getting too involved with you. That’s why he cheated when it was clear that you two were exclusive. There are many, many reasons. The best way to find out what they are is to simply talk; do not push the issue, especially if he is quiet by nature ‘š instead, let him know how you feel in a short concise way, and then let him know that you want to talk about it. Then let him come to you. If he loves you, he will.

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