Why are Gymnasts so Muscular?

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Why are Gymnasts so Muscular?

Though there are number of different athletes who attract people with their talents, skills, and physique , gymnasts are special in attracting people with their surprising ability to catch the eye of everyone. The feats they perform are really wonderful and beautiful. They need to be flexible enough in order to give an attractive performance. They have a tremendously higher muscle mass. They possess a lot of strength to do a variety of tricky and difficult movements.

Gymnasts have marvelous bodies with extensive development in muscles. Most of the male gymnasts weigh not more than one hundred and fifty pounds. They do not appear to be having heavy muscles and they appear lean. Their lean body is perhaps due to their intense workouts for about more than thirty hours per week. Though they have startling muscle power and strength, they appear small compared to a medium sized bodybuilder.

The training that the gymnasts do is very drastic movements like lifting wrist and ankle weights, lifting the plates of about forty five pounds. Movements involving one-leg and one-arm are also practiced to enhance the intensity of the training. Several skills are practiced often and attend drill programme for their skills and develop body positions. Apart from all these, preparation of physical fitness is more significant. The cardio training is done to burn fats, develop tolerance for long training and to develop muscular strength. Exercises are performed with efficient body form and body tightness. The training time is long and their necessity for good physique makes them to have a very good diet that can provide enough energy sufficient for training.

Gymnasts take in lot of nutritious food and take in many fruits, vegetables and protein but they are not very particular about their diets. The exercises they do involve training the upper part of the bodies very much. To build the physique similar to them it is necessary to walk using the hands and learn basics in back and front flips.

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