Why are Gypsies discriminated Against?

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Why are Gypsies discriminated Against?

Gypsies are a group of people who wander from place to place. They are the kind of people who take a thrilling journey around our complex world, allowing them to stop and experience whatever country they wish to explore.

Physically, gypsy women appear to be dark in complexion, petite and lightly built. They wear colorful clothes like princess jasmine in Aladdin, floor-length skirts, dangling earrings, bandana and headbands, charms, anklets, strands of bells, amulets — because they accessorize much. They wear a pair of sandals to match their colorful outfits, while men wear colorful loose-fitting shirts, colorful vests, and checkered polo shirts, belts and hats with a pair of boots. Both male and female gypsies wear vibrant colors.

Gypsies are not the settler type. They keep on moving from one place to the other’š that’s their nature, using small caravans to travel and make a living. They usually stay in one place for just a month or so and then move to another place again.

They are often discriminated because they are famously known to be swindlers, cheaters, stealers, not trust-worthy, scammers and a fraud.

Because they wander from place to place they have no permanent address which affects a great deal their lack of interest for learning. Hence, much can be said about their education. They do not meet the requirements for a good career and employment simply because they have unsatisfactory education and professional qualifications. Gypsies doesn’t like traditional office jobs, they prefer to sell hand-made items with their own personal touch or resell the items they bought.

Fortune-telling is one of the famous things that gypsy women do. They are strongly believed to have psychic talent and the power to attract positive energy or destroy your fate with a curse.

Despite that fact that people discriminates them from every other people, Gypsies still continue to live their life how they want it to be.

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