Why Are Hamburgers Called Hamburgers?

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Why Are Hamburgers Called Hamburgers?

Why do they call it as hamburger where in fact it has no ham? Do hamburger are made up of ham and beef? So where are the beef and the ham? There are lots of question that you can formulate about hamburger, right? So why do they call it as hamburger? The answer for this is just simple.

Hamburgers were first made in Hamburg, Germany. On the other hand, the history of hamburgers became more complicated. The first person who invented and discovers this food remains a mystery even today.

Some people say that hamburger originated from a group of people termed as the Tartars. They were known to be nomads. They made their beef tender through putting it under the saddle of a horse, and flats into patties. Another alleged discoverer of hamburger is German immigrants who left their country and fled to the United States. They have been there since the 1800’s and were believed to be responsible for the hamburger.

In US, the German settlers called it as Hamburg Style Beef- raw beef chopped finely. The first hamburger (beef patty cooked and placed in between two pieces of bun) was during the St. Louis World’s Fair last 1921. Americans have made the raw burger into the hamburger that it is today. Though the beef is one of the most famous meats used in making hamburgers, some have experimented it with pork and turkey.

Ever since that Americans introduced hamburger, it innovated into different kinds of burgers: double patties, veggie burgers, burgers made of pure turkey meat, and quarter pound burgers with various toppings. These toppings include lettuce, cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, onion, cabbage, pickles, cucumbers, mustard, and mushrooms ‘š there are just too many!

Now, this is the main reason why hamburger is the number one most favored American food. It’s yummy and delicious indeed.

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