Why Are Hickeys Bad?

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Why Are Hickeys Bad?

When you ask people this question, they would initially answer with ‘it depends,. Depends on where the hickey is placed. People would be too embarrassed to show the public that they got a hickey. Those on the world of ‘adults, would initially understand the meaning behind this minor bruise located at your throat or any part of your body.

A hickey is not actually a bad thing, unless you want to show and tell the world what you had been doing with your lover in private. When someone sucks on your skin (sucks it hard) it might break a blood vessel which would make the area red and it will appear as a bruise. The good thing about hickeys is that they heal just like any ordinary bruise does. It may not be dangerous to your health, but it can be very deadly to your reputation.

People would go to such lengths to ensure that the hickeys on their bodies are not visible to the public eye. Some people even wear specific clothes that tend to hide those marks. If you are planning to put a hickey on your partner, you better ask for their permission. They will be the ones that might get into trouble and not you. Over possessiveness is not really a good thing. Placing a mark on your partner to tell other people that they are already taken may not always be a good thing. They are people with feelings and not ‘things, that you buy on the store.

Showing people a hickey may cause serious implications. Your friends might just laugh at it, but other people wont. They would say that you are a ‘slut, and other mean things that would hurt your feelings and damage your reputation. It is OK to show your partner how much you love them. There are other ways to show your love and placing ‘Love Marks, on the body is not the only option that is available for you.

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