Why Are Honey Bees Disappearing?

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Why Are Honey Bees Disappearing?

Kids anywhere in the globe will say that bees do not sting. How come? Honeybee population in the United States is rapidly declining and that is due mainly because of lack of food supply for them. Coming from Europe in the 17th Century, the honeybees turn out to be extensive all over North America and they are being commercially bred because of its benefits: they have the ability to generate honey and can pollinate crops of over 90 farm grown foods. This may be fruits and vegetables alike.

There is a condition called CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder. Americans is losing its honeybees, roughly around 70 percent of the population and scientists especially biologists are alarmed of this fact. A lot of think that the increasing employment of chemical in pesticides and herbicides, those honeybees swallow during their every day pollination can be one of the causes. Viable beehives are as well subjected to nonstop fumigation of chemicals at habitual intervals toward off disparaging mites.

One more leading cause is the hereditarily modified crops that may make pollen with cooperation with nutritional cost. It may be also be the increase of the synthetic chemicals plus heritably modified crop pollen that reached the tipping point, stressing the population of the bees to fall down. Lending credibility to this speculation is that natural colonies of bees, where genetically made crops and chemicals are prohibited, are not suffering the same type of disastrous collapses that was according to a non-profit Organic Consumers Association.

The bee populations might be vulnerable as well to other factors, like the current increase in the atmospheric electromagnetic radiation as the result of mounting numbers of mobile phones as well as wireless communication tower. These increased in radiation that was given off through such devices may hinder with bees’ capability to navigate.

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