Why Are Humans So Smart?

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Why Are Humans So Smart?

Evolution has played an important role in the development of the human brain. Millions of years ago, the first humans had appeared and they adapted to their environment. The size of their brains is half the size of the modern man. Their brains were not fully developed during those early days and only improved through the course of human evolution.

Our ancestors were not capable of human speech back then and relied on other forms of communication. Their knowledge in the use of tools for hunting, clothing and building homes are passed through the next generation. Today, modern humans are capable of doing the things that would be deemed impossible a thousand years ago. The human brain has developed to the point on which we can communicate to other people using different languages, build different structures and even travel to space.

Experts and Scientists are still determining the exact stage of evolution, on where humans made a huge leap towards the so called ‘intelligence, factor that separated them from the rest of the animal kingdom. Other experts believed that the knowledge on how to use fire had greatly influenced the development of the human brain. Through fire, food was cooked properly and the nutrition helped develop the brain. Fire also became essential in warding of potential predators to the early humans.

As men survived through the ages, the development of the brain grew and humans were able to talk in their own language. This separated them from the rest of the animals in the world and they were able to live better lives. The constant discoveries and advancements in medicine, education, literature, society and technology made humans the most intelligent race in the planet. We became smart because our ancestors were able to adapt to their environment and developed the necessary skills for our survival.

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