Why Are Humpback Whales Endangered?

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Why Are Humpback Whales Endangered?

Humpback whales are mammals adapting ocean. Humpback whales approximately weigh up to 79, 000 lb or 36, 000 kilograms and length range by about to 39-52 ft. They can be found in oceans and seas around the world. Feeding on tiny shrimp-like krill, plankton, and small fish, they are known for breaching and their complex songs. They annually migrate up to 25, 000 kilometers to feed themselves.

There are amazing facts about the humpback whales that mostly don’t know. Humpback whales don’t sleep longer because they need to breathe air through their blowhole. They are the only mammals that will spend their entire life span in the water because they can endure the changing environment in waters. They have hairs. Yes they have! The ultimate, fact is that humans are their most predators. Sad but true.

Humpback whales are amazing and wonderful mammals. However, there is depressing information why they are confirmed to be endangered. Although there are different agencies that ban the illegal killings of these whales, there are stubborn groups who still perform such illegal killings. Before, there are about 80, 000 humpback whales found in the ocean worldwide but the later survey found only one-third of the whales or about 30, 000 remained in the present.

The top reason why humpback whales are endangered: over commercial fishing or hunting.
Through commercial fishing, many countries around the world have been provided with sea foods but the incident of unintentional catch of these whales happened is the recompense.

Destructions of their habitats or migration routes by shipping vessels, ship collisions, and entanglement in fishing net are reckoned to be the reasons why humpback whales endangered. Female humpback whales only breed to two to three years and nurse their calves for six to eight months. So if destructions occur, the breeding and giving birth of these whales could affect the spread of increasing rate of these mammals.

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