Why Are Hurricanes Named After Women?

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Why Are Hurricanes Named After Women?

For years, lots of hurricanes in the West Indies have been named after a specific saint or his day on which the cyclone happened. For instance, the Santa Ana Hurricane that rendered Puerto Rico powerless was named as such because it was during Santa Ana’s feast ‘š that same month. Lots of people believe that hurricanes were constantly named after a woman for the reason that of their unstable nature, no hesitation and that only lately did they begin flashing between female and male names since of feminist protest.

This is not true. Previous to 1950 storms were not legitimately named at all. In 1950 to 1952 hurricanes were named just Baker, Fox, Charlie, Able, Dog, Easy, George which are not very creative, but it is adequate.

From 1953 to 1978, a man who goes through a vicious divorce determined to employ only female names. Lastly, in 1979, they began alternating between female and male names. And in 1953, the United States deserted as puzzling a 2 year old prepared to name storms by means of the phonetic alphabet when the latest, International Phonetic Alphabet was launched. In that year, this country’s weather services started to use names for hurricanes.

And the application of naming hurricanes exclusively after women comes to an end in the year 1978 when a man’s and woman’s names were incorporated in a North Pacific (Eastern) storm listing. And in 1979, both women and men names were incorporated in the lists for Atlantic and the Mexican Gulf. From then on hurricanes are named alphabetically, the years in advance and beginning the alphabet over every year. The Atlantic and the Pacific have different naming lists. So now, you already know why they named hurricane after a woman’s name as well as on how they named these hurricanes.

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