Why Are We Here?

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CMB_Timeline75Why are you here?

From the beginning of time, mankind has been asking the question about life. Seriously though, why do you even exist at all? As one of life’s greatest mysteries, you are at a quandary. Are you a product of some cosmic coincidence, or does life comes from someone?

Some views about life:

From the scientific point of view, science, life has properties that clearly distinguish it from inanimate beings. Every living thing is either a single-celled creature or a creature composed of many cells with powers for operation and reproduction. Furthermore, every cell is identical for it uses the same operating system. Living things reproduce themselves; uses processes collectively called metabolism to convert materials & energy to satisfy its needs; and undergoes evolution.

The spiritual point of view of life is explained by the founder of the Bah Faith, Bah who stated that life on earth is the matrix or the womb in which every soul thrives. A human’s true self is his spiritual nature as his soul is endowed with free will and powers of understanding that continually propels him to better himself and his society.

Life’s purpose:

1. Life has no plan or purpose – According to evolution that is supported by the atheistic theory, life evolved by chance with no ultimate formula or objective from haphazard mistake in duplication called mutations. Darwin exposed his natural selection theory on a very precarious ground for a closer scrutiny of the perfection of beings. Do you consider the combs as honeybees or the trails of the ants as a consequence of an unplanned design, nor repetitive and unconscious behaviors?

2. Life has a purpose – The enigmatic theologian William Barclay said that there are two great days in the life of man ” the day he was born and the day he discovers why he was born. The first day explains your presence on earth and the second explains your purpose.

Many peoples’ lives are unfulfilled, lacking in solid purpose and meaning that does not go beyond the material quest for money, sex, power, respect or popularity. But the purpose of life is much more than this, because the Creator gives each man its true significance and purpose -the joy of being what He created us to be.

Every life has a purpose:

You are here for a reason and need to know what it is. Do not be like those mediocre that do not know what life is all about. They live and die wondering what their roles are in the grand scheme of the universe.

From a general perspective –

1. Man is born to survive his life on earth by living to deal with physical difference, learning how to face pain and face its true source and sharing rich experiences & beautiful relationships with others.

2. Man is born to explore all the lessons that are being offered at every moment and to help others through experiences, and to be constantly reminded that experiences are sources of creating more positive energy in the world.

3. Man is born to actualize his potentials and ideals, as well as become the person he wants to be.

From the Biblical perspective

1. Men and women are born to populate the earth, to marry, establish families, to work together to raise a family, to work together, to rule nations and to serve as stewards of His work. In the Genesis, these serious responsibilities are connected to his ultimate purpose.

2. Man was placed on this earth for the purpose of developing the perfect, righteous character of God. This is the ability to distinguish right from wrong and always to choose what is right in opposition to the wrong. That decision-making process requires free moral agency and the standard is the Law of God.


Life on earth is your arena of spiritual training for the development of your soul and spirit that will give the purpose and meaning of human life. The world was created for achieving progress and harmony, and these are the guidelines for the evolution of the human soul until the time when can make yourself worthy walk beside Him.

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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