Why Britney Spears is a bad role Model?

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Why Britney Spears is a bad role Model?

It was not very long ago that Britney Spears was first appearing on everyone’s TV screens and on the radio with her hit songs and bubblegum charm. She was what every teenage girl wanted to be and what every guy wanted to be with. Her image was flawless and it matched that perfect body and voice to a tee. That all seemed to change overnight, though, and her image was tarnished as quickly as it had appeared to all of us.

Spears’ issues started with the revelation that she had started dating one of her backup dancers, a guy who was constantly in trouble with the law and had one of the worst attitudes to match. This all seemed to have a lasting effect on Spears as her moods and public image started changing rapidly. She would be photographed doing inane things with him in public and culminated in her spouting raunchy and lewd things to cameramen in drunken rages. All of a sudden Spears was no longer looked at as this sweet little innocent girl anymore. She was public enemy number one for the most part.

I always thought it was pretty sad how Spears fell from grace as a role model so quickly, but she seems to have made a bit of a recovery now that she is no longer involved in that relationship and has children to take care of and support. She recently put out a brand new album that surprisingly got pretty good reviews and she has her body back to looking in tip top condition. Let us all hope for her and her children that she can actually keep everything together this time. Maybe she is one of the few celebrities to actually learn a lesson from the past and move forward in life doing things the right way.

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