Why Do Abalone Shells Have Holes?

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Why Do Abalone Shells Have Holes?

Abalone shells are colorful shell that is often used to make fashionable jewelries and home decors. This shell is unique since it has holes. Well, you may be wondering why abalone shells have holes while other types of shells don’t.

Is it because of the fact that it is often used as a primary material for creating fashionable jewelries? Well, if it is what you think is the reason then you are wrong. The holes that you can see in an abalone shell are intended for reproduction and breathing.

Its most frightening predator is the starfish as it suffocates abalone shells through putting its tentacles over its hole where they breathe. These shells can be found in the oceans of New Zealand and there is a quota system that is strictly implemented for gathering these types of shells by both individual and commercial fishermen. This can also be the reason why jewelries made out of these shells could be very expensive.

Abalone shells are very special. The jewelries that are made out of these shells can really be presentable whether you are to use it as an accessory when you attend casual and social gatherings. It can also suit any fashion styles.

Therefore, abalone shell jewelries can suit people with various fashion styles. It can also be best on any occasions and gatherings that you often attend. In fact, its colorful feature is eye catching like gold and other most expensive jewelries. In short, it can be of the same level to expensive jewelries.

Another good thing about this shell is that it can be made to order or you can make your own jewelry according to your preferences through having the essential materials that you will need. If you are quite interested then you can browse the web on how to make jewelries and where to purchase great and genuine abalone shells.

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