Why do Abs look Different?

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Why do abs look different?

There are some men who have nicely-shaped abs while there are also some, who have well-built 6 pack abs. Those men who go to the gym all have those well-toned and nicely shaped abs but they all don’t look the same. In short, they come in all shape and sizes. For example, Brad Pitt’s abs are longer horizontally and shorter vertically while Manny Pacquiao’s are vertically bigger but is much shorter horizontally. Both of them work-out and yet their abs does not look similar at all.

Most men want to have that nicely-shaped 6 pack abs. They go to the gym, work out their muscles and enter a strict diet of foods which are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, as protein helps in controlling insulin which is the main hormone which stores up body fat.

I think almost everyman wants their abs to look like what Hugh Jackman or Brad Pitt has but unfortunately this isn’t the case. You should understand that each man has a unique genetic built which determines what shape your abs will have after toning it up. You can never pick out what type of abs you want from a picture of a magazine because this will only frustrate you especially if you did work hard to tone it up and yet your abs still look different from what you want it to be.

Knowing that you don’t have any control over this matter will help you take the next step in getting those ripped abs. Now you can freely work-out those muscles in your own way knowing that by following the correct exercise routine for the abs, your body will eventually show its shape. This can also help you avoid frustrations and lose your motivation.

Another reason why men’s abs differs is because of their exercise routine. Some focus on the lower abs while some focus on the sides or the upper part of the abs. Of course, there are also some who work-out their abs in all sides.

In conclusion, the reason why men’s abs differs in appearance is because of their genetic build and their exercise routine.

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