Why do Addicts crave sugar?

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Why do Addicts crave sugar?

There is an opinion among some people that drug addicts crave for sugar as they already experienced it while taking alcohol. They would prefer to have sugar directly, as they got accustomed to get it along with the drugs regularly since a long time. Some have the opinion that drug addicts crave for sugar as it increases the dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the body. Release of this neurotransmitter happens when the addicts take in the drug and it gives them a feeling of satisfaction. The dopamine levels give them good feeling and hence in the absence of drug as the trigger for dopamine, they eat sugar. Sugar was also found to increase the dopamine levels which will create good feeling in the addicts.

When the drug addicts take the drugs, a part of the brain is activated to release the neurotransmitters which give temporarily contentment. This same part of the brain was also found to be activated by the sugar when the drug was not taken in. This makes the substances to be activated by the sugar also which give the same contentment to the addict. So, sugar was observed to serve the purpose of drug or alcohol on the nervous system.

Another argument is that most of the addicts would be hypoglycemic. This condition may also be there when they did not start taking drugs. It is also said that serotonin is the chemical that is secreted in the human body synthesized from the food source. Serotonin is known to provide contentment and happiness to the person who takes the drugs that activate serotonin. When addicts do not take the drugs, serotonin can be activated by the sugar and they can be devoid of depression, anxiousness and irritability. In order to avoid these symptoms addicts crave for sugar. Sugar was found to be replacing the drug that was activating the neuro chemicals that cause happiness and satisfaction to the addicts. Hence, addicts will be eager to eat sugar.

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