Why Do Addicts Lie?

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Why Do Addicts Lie?

Denial is a coping mechanism addicts use to try to cover their problems. By hoping to keep the truth from surfacing, they try to buy time, the time he or she uses to keep on using. Thus, there is denial to self and to others. Both types of denial are symptoms of many kinds of addiction, not just drug addiction. The more a person promises he or she does not have a problem ‘š gaming or alcohol or drugs or other addictive deeds ‘š the more likely it is that they do.

It is innate in addicts to lie. According to experts, lying is second nature to addicted people. There are lying to themselves (in denial) and lying to others (living a fantasy life). They are so full of themselves and think that their addiction cannot be caught or sniffed if they lie. They believe that lying will make them look normal and that this normalcy is their door to not being detected. They think that their lies are real and that the people they took to succumb to it.

If you encounter an addict, it is important to say that their eyes are ‘giving them away, meaning you as their friend or loved one can see that they are stoned at the moment instead of leaving them be and ignoring the fact. Communication is vital and that is your only way to help.

The distressed person needs our help. They are not to be ridiculed or turned away. It is correct to say that an addict has the tendency to lie about using, however, when we bravely confront what we see and offer support, and then they stand a chance for speedy recuperation. After that, it becomes their choice on whether how committed they are once they are provided with the information needed to make the suitable choices.

Some people say that some doctors just scoff at them and sent them on their way but honestly, they could have gained greatly from information and options on how to get in recovery from addiction. Doctors are in the position to influence people to get well from the insanity of the disease of addiction.

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