Why Do Adenoids Swell?

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Why Do Adenoids Swell?

Adenoids or also called Pharyngeal tonsil or nasopharyngeal tonsils a part of the Waldeyer’s ring that are found at the back of the throat behind the nose, it produces antibodies that protect a one-year-old infant from getting sick. But as a person age the adenoids shrink. Although adenoids is not vital in our body and if removed won’t cause any adverse effect, when it swells up it poses problems.

When the adenoids are infected with bacteria or virus, it swells up. The natural response of a human body to infection or injury is swelling. When adenoids are enlarged this pose as a problem, the swelling obstructs the air from the nose, resulting to chronic mouth breathing and also sleep ing problems. Present infections caused by the adenoids swelling are difficulty in breathing and also in hearing, ear infections, runny nose, cough with phlegm, sore throat, sinus infections are recurring and painful dry eyes.

When your adenoids swell, don’t worry too much you can treat it with home remedies. By drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water, one each before and after eating helps keeping the body hydrated helping the adenoids to swell down. Honey and lemon juice or lemon juice and salt will also help in soothing the adenoids, keeping quiet may also help by doing this you can help your adenoids rest. You must absolutely stay away from acidic drinks like cola and spicy foods, it aggravates the adenoids. If the swelling does not go down it is recommended that you go to a doctor and have it check, adenoidectomy is done when adenoids is removed. Children are most affected by adenoids swelling up. If your adenoids keeps on swelling since childhood it may harm your body when you reach your adulthood, if it is not taken seriously it may cause hypertension or even heart failure.

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