Why Do Ads Keep Popping Up?

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Why Do Ads Keep Popping Up?

Pop-ups or Popping ads are really annoying when you are surfing the internet, it floods your window desktop and even though you have already closed it, it keeps on popping up again and sometimes it doubles the number.

Pop ads are windows that contain advertisements. It shows up when you open some websites, the major role of popping ads is to drive web traffic and capture email addresses, but some may contain viruses, malwares, spywares, adware and worms. Web browsers like Opera have an ad blocker to prevent such from entering and infecting your hard drive. There is also another variation of pop-up it is called pop-under, some may not notice it because it appears under the active window. Downloading can cause pop-ups, especially if it’s free. Visiting pornographic sites can also cause this.

There are three types of pop-ups, first is the pop-ups that are generally for advertisement purposes, it doesn’t contain any spyware or malware. Second are the Fake pop-ups, these pop-ups are deceiving they may appear similar to a system error message that prompts you to download or install software. Third are pop-ups that contain malicious malware content and spyware, adult-oriented advertisements may carry this infection and slow the performance of your computer. It may also collect your personal data as well as your confidential data. It is really important to avoid these kinds of pop-ups, if you think you are affected with spywares from pop-ups, you must act immediately. Scan your computer with anti spyware software, antivirus or etcetera to remove the infection.

There are various software programs that stop pop-ups or pop under from appearing. Google Toolbar has a free pop up blocker. Opera, Mozilla, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape users has a privacy setting that disables pop-ups from appearing. There are also free software programs available for download that prevents pop-ups.

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