Why do Adults wet the Bed?

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Why do Adults wet the Bed?

Depending on the amount of fluids that a person takes in daily, an adult person excretes 1200 to 1500 ml or urine throughout the whole day. However, this may vary based on the amount of sweat that is excreted during the day, the temperature of the environment and also the health condition of the person. Nocturnal enuresis or what is commonly known as bed wetting or the involuntary voiding during sleep is one of the many problems associated to urinating.

There are several possible causes to adult bed-wetting. The causes range from natural aging, an obstruction or infection of the urinary tract, medication, stress, a hormonal imbalance or an imbalanced diet to name a few.

As we know, our muscles in the pelvic area control voiding. When a person grows old with age, their muscle mass decreased making it difficult for them to hold or control their reflex muscles responsible for holding in and releasing urine. For some, the kinds of medication that they take act are diuretics, which lead to this involuntary voiding during sleep, and then there are also those who do not live a balanced lifestyle which in turn affects their bladder movements. An instance for this would be those who take too much fluids or even drink too much at night.

Drinks such as tea or coffee will give you the urge to urinate during sleep while alcohol has a side effect of weakening the bladder muscles that are responsible for controlling voiding. To site another instance that results to involuntary voiding, emotional stress or suppression can actually be associated to nocturnal enuresis. In turn a doctor or specialists should be consulted to find ways for the person affected by the disorder to find ways to vent or counter this symptom.

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