Why Do Airplanes Crash?

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Why Do Airplanes Crash?

A lot of reasons could be attributed to this question: Why do airplanes crash? The primary reason is due to malfunctioning or bad engine that eventually will affect the system of the entire plane itself. Once the system is interfered due to gas leak or mechanical engine trouble, there will therefore be a greater probability that the airplane will crash.

If the plane is already old and damaged yet it is still allowed to fly then this could be the second possible reason why it could meet a crash accident which will eventually affect the passengers as well as the pilots and the plane crew. If the plane will get a hole in any of its parts which will not be detected along its flight up in the sky or perhaps a door or a window was not closed and will be opened in the course of its travel, then by all means the plane will most likely crash as well. If the plane will have a gas shortage perhaps due to an accident that cause its gas tank to leak and consume the gas while traveling already, a crash may likely to happen as well. Another possible reason for a plane crash could be a bad cloudy weather or perhaps a storm that suddenly happen up in the sky while the plane is travelling. The unstable wind and thick clouds may cause the plane to crash too.

The most intriguing cause of plane crash however is due to the pilot’s culture. This study shows that those pilots whose background is full of chaos and problems such as those pilots coming from Korea or the Middle East, will most often than not be a great cause for the plane to crash. This discovery and study might be biased and disturbing but evidence is available to prove this claim to be true.

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  1. David Soom

    November 19, 2016 6:17 pm

    David Soom

    I’m sure the NTSB would love to know all of this, it would make their jobs easier. They can try and stop “the plane if it is already old and damaged yet it is still allowed to fly.”

    And, of course, the pilot’s culture, you can add that many pilots are drinkers and this can cause a plane to crash.

    Dave Soom


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