Why Do Aka’s Skee Wee?

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Why Do Aka’s Skee Wee?

Aka’s skee wee means a greeting among the group or this sorority. Hence, if you are not or never been a member of this sorority then you should never say these words a greeting, it is because this can cause you no way of getting a membership for this reputable and great sorority. After all, being a member of this sorority doesn’t hurt compared to other fraternities, groups and college groups.

AKA or alpha kappa alpha is the first sorority that is specially designed for black women. It was founded at Howard University in 1908. This organization or group remains a prevailing American ‘š African sorority. This organization serves all mankind by its hundreds of thousand members. In short, this sorority has dignity and has a great mission vision.

These days, there are more and more organizations of the same mission and vision hence it isn’t enough reason for the AKA to stop recruiting members. In fact until now this sorority is active across the globe. Meaning, it has also been serving a lot of people across the globe.

Skee Wee is also known to be unofficial custom of this sorority in which only AKA members are aware of. Therefore, it can also be a great basis to know if a certain woman is a dignified member of the sorority. There are women who are claiming to be a member of this sorority and some are even inventing meaning for skee wee. While if you are to ask a genuine AKA member then you can get no answers once you ask about the meaning of these words.

This sorority is indeed great, so if it is available in your college schools or university then you can consider joining it if you can. Nonetheless, members of this sorority never force women to join their group. You can join or not according to your own preferences.

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