Why Do Alcoholics Drink?

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Why Do Alcoholics Drink?

Alcoholics drink due to any of the reasons and later it becomes their need. Alcoholism is getting addicted to the drink just like people do smoking or get attracted towards cocaine. It is nothing but mental illness of a person that might cause him to drink for the first time. Once the person is satisfied by the experience of drinking alcohol for the first time he might continue this under an impression that alcohol is the solution for his problems. In alcoholism, glucose to biological energy (ATP) conversion seems to be inhibited in glycolysis before glucose moves into Kreb’s cycle (biochemical process). The essential energy that is required for the synthesis of feel good neurotransmitters will not be generated.

Many people live along with their parents who are also alcoholic. These children see their parents often drinking and make it as their hobby too. This becomes a starting for them and will never end up later as they get addicted. Some people drink to get adjusted to boredom, extensive stress, or money problems. Some drink if there is any illness in the family or if the parents are not having good relationship. Some children see their parents arguing and further observe that either one of them or both drink too much to get rid of the stress. This might also create an idea in the child that alcohol can pacify a person in his troubles.

Probing into the reasons for why the alcoholics are drinking would be foolish. Instead it would be wise enough to make them realize how dangerous it is for them to continue drinking. It is also essential to make them realize that how important it is for them to stop. The very thought of guiltiness will make the alcoholics to get depressed still more which is not at all helpful to them in any way. Hence why they drink is not important. It is important for others to focus on helping them to the extent they can to come out of drinking.

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