Why do Alcoholics have Red Noses?

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Why do Alcoholics have Red Noses?

You can tell a drunk by the redness of his nose. For sure at certain points in our lives, majority of use have gotten completely wasted. However, not all of us are in a drunken stupor 24 hours a day and 7 days.

As we know or as our elders would often tell use in our adolescent and teenage-angst-filled years, the use of alcohol has many harmful effects on the different part of the body; the skin, the liver, the heart,¦ etc. Though some of these hand-me-down lectures are at times exaggerated, they are actually true to those who overdo the whole drinking routine.

As a child particular with having his or her daily dose of cartoons, a typical image of an alcoholic that is flashed on our TVs during our favorite show is an image of a dirty man or woman with a red nose and a bad case of hiccups non-stop. Perhaps at one point it crossed your mind and you wondered if the case of the hiccups and the red nose is entirely true?

One of the most obvious side effects of alcoholism is the fast aging process of the skin. If you observe closely, alcoholics’ skins are oftentimes blemished and their noses are red most of the time. Apparently, this is a reaction that is brought about by putting in too much alcohol in your system. Drinking alcohol can cause the dilation of the tiny blood vessel in your skin that result to your face getting flushed, and a pinkish hue to the cheeks.

If you are a chronic alcohol abuser, however, the flushing spreads all over your face, including your nose, and stays that way for the most part. Remember, that the more the capillaries expand, the more difficult it is to go back to its normal form. So if you want better and less negative attention-grabbing skin, you might want to cut down on the amount of alcohol that you are consuming!

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