Why do Alpacas spit?

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Why do Alpacas spit?

Alpacas were recognized by the United Nations Food and Agricultural organization as it can provide the people with protein and other important nutrition. Alpacas are very rare and exotic animals that were sent to United States from many locations in South America. They are specially grown for the fiber in them. Alpacas were found to be friendlier with the humans who move close to them. They were known to spit like what Ilamas do. But, they do not spit at humans. Generally, when they create problems among themselves while sharing food or when the males are fighting with females they tend to spit over each other.

Alpacas are found to generate around 3 to 10 pounds of alpaca fiber every year which has same quality as that of angora and cashmere. The Alpaca farms exist to breed alpacas and sell them for the rich fiber available in them. This fiber can be used for making clothing, fashion wear and other purposes. Alpacas are also grown as pets. Alpacas were known to kick, spit and sometimes even bite. They were observed to spit when they get irritated or when they become nervous. This was observed to be happening among themselves and not to any other group.

Few alpacas develop this habit of spitting very often. Some female alpaca was known to spit on those who try to come nearer to her babies after birth. It is also studied that female alpacas spit on the male ones approaching them indicating that she is pregnant and not to come near her. She spits in order to confirm pregnancy. Generally alpacas are known to spit among each other to maintain dominance on other animals of the same group. They were known to spit on other alpacas which compete with them in eating and when the other one waits for its turn to eat. If humans intervene in their disputes there is also possibility of the spit aimed on another alpaca to reach the person.

It was found that not alpacas spit, and those which spit will send out not just saliva mixed with air. The alpacas were known to bring out all the acidic stomach contents which they ate recently and spit them when they want to do it.

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