Why do amendments become part of the constitution?

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Amendment is the revision that has been made to the original material. It can be updations of already existing regulations or any improvements made in them. The original material for the US constitution was already prepared in 1788. Since that time about 27 amendments were approved while six amendments were disapproved. Thousands of amendments were discussed about in between.

The article V in the constitution will explain clearly about the way by which the amendment can be included in the constitution and become its part. The 27 amendments that were formulated are approved after about 2/3rd of the Parliament House and Senate has sent it to the states for getting a vote. It is compulsory that nearly 3/4th part of the states have to confirm their approval regarding the amendment that is proposed.

An amendment that is passed will need acceptance from the constitution by 2/3rd of the state legislature. The convention of the constitution accepted by the states can create many amendments that are essential for the constitution. An amendment made in the constitution will become part of it and it is the modification done to what is already written in the constitution. As the law or rule that is made in the constitution cannot be removed, it can be allowed to undergo some alteration or modification. The rule can be modified and fixed later. If any amendment has been made already and if it has to be modified again, then the law can be abolished or resisted by incorporating another amendment. If the ratification is made for an amendment then it is said to be part of the constitution.

The amendments that are added will not be in any hierarchy. When they are included in the document of the constitutional rights, they are not different from the rules that are available in the original articles of the constitution.

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