Why Do Americans call football Soccer?

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soccer-1019394_640Why do Americans call football Soccer?

There are very few sporting events in the world that really bring people together from across the entire world like an important soccer match. Soccer is the most watched and followed sport in history and, finally, the United States are starting to catch up in following this beautiful game. The recent World Cup in South Africa really showed just how far the sport has come in reaching people from every section of the globe and the American team’s great performance only furthered the development here in this country.

As we all know, in just about every other country in the world, soccer is actually called football. This makes completely sense because the sport’s premise is actually kicking a ball around a field unlike American football where the ball is kicked a lot less often than it is either thrown or run with. The reason why people in the United States call the sport Soccer is because Americans already have a sport of their own called Football. I do not see a problem with calling it soccer, but people in every other country just call it by a different name.

Both sports are extremely fun to watch and play and are both gaining more and more attention across the world on a daily basis. I am very happy to see that the people of the United States are finally starting to watch and pay attention to more and more soccer as the days go by. It really is one of the most beautiful and intricate sports to watch. So much strategy and philosophy is involved, but it is actually rather easy to understand and focus on even with all of the nonstop action going on at all times. I have always been a really big fan of American football, but I have definitely started to pay more and more attention to soccer and the amazing players that participate in it.

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