Why Do Anemics Crave Ice?

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Why Do Anemics Crave Ice

An anemic person can feel weak and unexplained fatigue even without exerting too much energy. They get short of breath even just sitting around. They also begin to show abnormal behavior like chewing on ice and other items that are generally considered inedible like paper, hair, grass, and even dirt.

According to experts, chewing or craving for ice can be the body’s response to oxygen deprivation. Water has oxygen and ice is frozen water. But they also warn that ice is not a cure for anemia. They say ice may alleviate some symptoms of the condition like pain and inflammation but it should not become a form of treatment.

People with anemia suffer from low counts of red blood cells or decreased hemoglobin numbers in the blood. Blood is the main transporter of oxygen and other vital substances throughout the body and any abnormality they exhibit can cause changes in the body. Anemia is one of the major conditions that can hamper the functions of the blood.

Low red blood cells means there isn’t enough space to place oxygen in the blood. And without oxygen major organs in the body can start to fail or even die in worst cases. When this happens, the body shows signs and symptoms of anemia.

The best way to cure anemia is to replenish the blood with red blood cells and hemoglobin. Iron supplements are often prescribed by doctors to aid in boosting the number of RBCs in the blood. It would also help to eat food rich in iron like liver, clams, and other sea food. Vitamin C also helps the body absorb iron faster and so a meal should be accompanied by orange juice and the likes. Ice chewing is a sign of anemia but can also be of other conditions. Visit your doctor for a check-up if you’re craving for ice more than the usual.

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