Why Do Appendix Burst?

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Why Do Appendix Burst?

The appendix is located in the lower part of the abdomen. Usually only three to four inches long, this small ‘pouch, that connects to the large intestines has baffled scientists and experts on its true value and uses. Some believed that it is just a remnant from the evolution of men, something that is present but is of no use whatsoever. Others believed that the appendix is an important part of the body especially during the early days of childhood. It helps produce white blood cells that fight diseases.

It is unclear even today, if the appendix has any vital uses in the human body. The problem however lies when we started to feel symptoms like extreme abdominal pain and nausea that is sometimes accompanied by a fever. When this happens, there is a possibility that your appendix is about to burst.

When an appendix bursts, it must be treated right away. If left alone, it could be fatal and may lead to death. The reason why an appendix becomes inflated is due to a blockage of the appendix. Experts say that it is caused by stool blockage (feces), and even blood clots. A burst appendix will release bacteria in the abdominal cavity, which will eventually lead to ‘peritonitis,. Peritonitis is a serious infection of the abdominal cavity which has a high mortality rate.

When such symptoms occur, you should immediately consult the doctor so that treatment could be started right away. The doctors will give a few tests to check whether the patient will need surgery or not. Time is of the essence when were talking about a burst appendix. The more time you wait and ignore the problem, the less time you have in its treatment.

Experts are still discovering the real causes of appendicitis. They are still unsure whether it is a hereditary disease or not. The ironic part is that we don’t usually know how important a thing is, until it is too late.

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