Why Do Apples Bruise?

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Why Do Apples Bruise?

Apples bruise most probably because you either dropped it which caused the apples cells to split open triggering the common chemical referred to as phenols to come out or emerge. Because of this chemical which is solely responsible for the change in quality of the apple from perfect state to a bruised one, the apple will eventually turn brown due to the cell which was oxidized primarily by the chemical.

Aside from being accidentally dropped, apples may get bruised because of improper handling from the apple picker. This is one common factor that makes apple to get bruised. If the process of getting or picking these apples from the tree to the boxes is done very carefully and well, then there will be no possibility for these apples to get bruised.

Apples are considered to be one of the most sensitive fruit that one could ever eat. Sometimes if you are a particular apple eater you will never find it appropriate to eat or even touch it. Apples should be taken care of and handled very well so that it will sell good in view of the buyers and individual consumers. If apple gets bruised, the best thing to go is to eventually soak it in water for it not to get brown and the bruise to become larger. Eating a bruised apple is quite discomforting since you might think that the bruised part is already dirty due to its bad quality and sometimes bad taste as well.

The chemical reaction caused by phenols is very responsible for such change of color and quality. Therefore the culprit of these bruises to our apples is no less than the chemical excreted by the apple once it falls, mishandled or simple not taken care of by those people working for their bread and butter in apple picking, handling and selling.

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