Why Do Apples wake you up?

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Why do apples wake you up?

It is studied by the scientists that smelling the hot cup of coffee itself will affect the expression of some genes in the brain and prevent us from getting into the sensation of sleep . Researchers have found out that coffee has some antioxidants which are useful and caffeine which is harmful to us.

Some studies on rat brains have resulted in some findings. The stressed rats which were exposed to aroma of coffee had gene expressions which produced proteins. These proteins had antioxidant characteristics. These proteins were found to have protected the nerve cells from getting damaged due to stress. The other stressed rats which were not exposed to coffee smell did not have these gene expressions. The above studies were published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The study was sponsored by Winter Institute program of the Korea science and Engineering foundation and the Japan-Korea industrial technology foundation.

So coffee has some ability to stimulate you to perform any activity. When anyone tell us that apple wakes us up more than what coffee does, we need to check what is there present in apple that works similar to that of coffee ingredients?

Apple does not have any compound like tryptophan that is known for triggering sleep. It does not contain caffeine that drives away sleep and keeps you awake. It has some antioxidants in it, some vitamins, acids, fiber and large amounts of simple sugars. The amount of sugars does not give much stimulation to us as much given by chocolates or coffee. The reason for some people to feel that apple wakes them up was probably the way we eat apple starting with a strong bite and chewing it in order to swallow, its crunchiness, the energizing sugars and its sweet taste.

It is only in our mind which gets recorded that either coffee or apple is responsible for waking us up and keep us energetic. Neither of them according to me is waking us. It is our intention and determination that wakes us and proper exercise that keeps us energetic all through the day.

Author: Hari M

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