Why do Arab Women wear Veils?

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Why do Arab Women wear Veils?

In Quran, the religious book of Muslims it is said as the word of God that Muslim men and women should dress modestly. The interpretation to this saying in Quran was made as covering up the entire body of woman except at face, feet and hands. It is interpreted that males have to cover from the naval region till the knees. The covering of Muslim woman is of two types. One is called Hijab, which is covering only the hair and neck. The other way is called Niqab which means covering the entire body also called wearing full veils.

The Holy Scripture Quran tells that the Faithful Muslim women have to protect her private parts of the body and should not display any part of the body except that is apparent in it. Many scholars have discussed about this matter a lot. Some scholars argue that this Quran statement means full niqab while some argue that it should be only covering of hair and neck which is called hijab. Some more instructions given in Quran are still more debatable. The religious scholars had interpreted some ambiguous statements in Quran as women are necessary to cover the upper part of their chest. Some believe that the women of religious people like prophets should cover their entire body by cloaks.

Khimar is the veil that extends all over the back along with neck and hair leaving the face exposed which is worn by Arab women. Chador is the total body cloak, worn by Iranian women. Burqa covers all the body parts including the face and hands. All these are done by Muslim women to follow the instructions given by the Almighty ‘Allah,. They want to keep all the body parts that represent the beauty of a woman covered when they come outside. They do not wear head scarves in front of their husband and family members.

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