Why Do Asian Carp Jump?

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Why Do Asian Carp Jump?

The water covers more than half of the earth. In it, lie different creatures. It will always be a wonder how these varieties dominate the waters. One kind that dominates the aquaculture is the carp. A type of carp has jumping abilities and they are the Asian carp. What causes them to jump?

Asian carps jump because they get easily agitated by boats and other watercraft. It is their normal reflex to jump, when there is a movement in the water they are in. This makes them known to be a notorious variety of fish. In fact, they have infested the Mississippi Rivers and Great Lakes, which make it hard for fishermen to go fishing in the area.

Asian carps have eight different varieties known outside their native kind. They are a common food fish that is why they are also common preys to fishermen. Though, their jumping character is causing harm to those trying to catch them. The carps can jump eight to ten feet up into the air. Boaters had different injury stories caused by Asian carps. There are many different reported cases of boaters getting injured by carps. Injuries enlisted include wounds by the fins, black eyes, broken bones, back injuries and head injuries. These are confined cases though.

The fish can harm fishermen but this only makes fishermen to catch carps easier. They are a popular target for bow fishermen. There are areas where using a ‘snagging gear, is not illegal. This is a common practice of catching carps jumping off the water. The fish is being targeted both in water and in the air. Fishermen frighten them by using boats that makes them jump off the air. As soon as they jump off, they snag the carp to catch it. Asian carps surely give fishermen a hard time.

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