Why Do Athletes Get Paid So Much?


Why Do Athletes Get Paid So Much?

Being an athlete is never been easy and simple. Yes it may, but only for the individuals that are born skilled enough to a certain sports. But, to people that are born without any passion in sports; well being an athlete can be one of their most difficult tasks in their lives.

This is one of the reasons why athletes are paid so much and why they are worth it. Before you become a professional athlete, you have first to undergo trainings, exercises and the like, for which, it will take much of your time. Not to mention the fact the time that an athlete consumes for their personal training before they will be professional in their field of sports is often unpaid.

An athlete is only paid too much once they are one of the players ion a league that have continues schedule of games until the league reach its championship games. This only means that they will have to abide with the strict rules of their coach and managers until the game is over. This is an extreme sacrifice for a certain individuals isn’t it?

This alone can explain why athletes need to be paid so much. It is because they are most likely sacrificing their personal life to win their team and to bring home bacon or awards and the like. If ever this happens, it is a great pleasure to their country.

They can also acquire titles that cause positive perceptions of their fellowmen. In short they are bringing with them the reputation of their entire country and fellowmen. This is especially if they are working as a professional athlete that participate international sports league. Now, do you think so much payment for professional athletes is really not worth it? In this case, you will have to think again.

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  1. M.Night.shymalan

    February 19, 2013 2:36 pm

    1 and a half sentences in and you lost all credibility. 1. grammar 2. You said It’s never been easy, but it may be.

    • fkasdjf;osf;lajf

      January 21, 2014 11:30 am

      well then ur a dumba** to leave reading a good article for lack of grammar. You should be able to understand it…. that the point

  2. OP is an idiot

    January 7, 2015 11:06 am

    The only reason professional athletes & entertainers are paid rediculious amounts of money is because idiot fans pay for tickets, merchandise, and whatever companies can use for publicity, marketing, commercials, etc. Captialism at it’s finest


    40,000 idiots fans spend $100 for a ticket league makes 40 million a game
    Player makes $13 million a year
    Nike makes $100 million a year off of him.


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