Why do Authors use figurative Language?

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Why do Authors use figurative Language?

When we read a description of a topic or any scientific explanation, we just can understand the content as given in the description. If we already know about the content then we do not try to visualize it. If something is written or described objectively which we do not know about, it will be difficult for the reader to visualize it. It is important for the reader to visualize the description in order to develop interest in the subject that he is reading as well as understand it properly. An objective description cannot make the reader to look into the content deeper but a figurative language will certainly make the reader to easily understand the topic that is explained. Instead of reading a story in a book, watching it as a video and picturization of the story can make us really enjoy the essence of the story.

The authors use similar situations to describe the current situation and make the reader to imagine. The reader is made to imagine and feel the emotions. The figurative language of the authors will thus make the readers to understand very well a situation that could not be expressed through words in the dictionary. The figurative language will drive the reader to drown into the topic or story and convince him about what idea the author is expressing.

Figurative language elaborates the topic to the reader, exemplifies the current situation in the novel or context, repeats something that is important to be followed, allows usage of some colloquial words commonly used to explain an action, emphasizes a topic very much, uses idioms that make readers understand the topic easily, compares something that is away from real to make the reader understand better, exaggerates a statement to highlight it or helps to speak in ironical manner and so on. For the above significant reasons authors use figurative language in their works.

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