Why do Authors use Imagery?

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Why do Authors use Imagery?

They say that as artists, they are given the artistic license to use a play of words in order for them to convey messages, ideas and thoughts. Some make use of paradox, juxtapositions, metaphors, similes and what not, while others strike up comparisons between a living being with inanimate objects. Like a mistress to eternal summer in one of Shakespeare’s famous sonnets or of love to dying men in one of John Donne’s poetic compositions.

To other writers, it could be to add humor or a sense of somberness in their work. Meanwhile, others make use of figurative language or as people would often call it imagery, because it likewise enables them to put up a comparison and contrast of two objects to help them support their ideas in their writing.

There are many reasons as to why authors use imagery and other symbols. One of the many is for them to be able to express more vividly a thought or to bring out an emotion or two from their readers. Another reason would be to persuade his reader to think the way he would by making use of a lot of metaphors, symbolisms and other forms of figures of speech to describe his ideas or thoughts.

If you can notice, writers are very particular and meticulous about the figures of speech and imagery that they use because it is through this manner that they can convey their message, whether it is through poetry or in a narrative story.

When a writer or author is able to use effective figures of speech and language, he is more like to create an ambiance for his audience wherein they are able to feel the emotions that are set in the story and at the same time induce empathy from his or her audience wherein the reader will be able to share the same sentiments of some characters in their story or poem.

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