Why Do Authors Use Irony?

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Why Do Authors Use Irony?

Irony is used in literature to put humor and make the literary piece more interesting to read. It can be simply described as a contrast between one’s deeds and statements from what one means. Simply put, it is the opposite. When an author uses irony in his work, he assumes that the readers and the audience know how he truly feels or what he really wants to convey.

In order to make the audience think about the script of the character, irony becomes an important technique that can widen the implication of the passage. Through the use of this, it is permitted that more meaning can be speculated than that of the surface denotation. It is a clever way to layer the meanings of one situation or statement.

Irony allows meanings to be recognized unassumingly. It leaves to the reader or the audience the power to ponder on what is meant thus increasing the level of engagement with the text. That is the reason why writers tend to use irony so deviously. But it is a very frequent literary strategy that writers make use of, more regularly than you notice. The audience’s role is important because it is up to them what they think the character wants to say. More often than not, it causes internal confusion and misunderstanding on the part of the reader.

It is another very successful way of connecting a reader to a text. You will find irony in almost all types of texts, not only fiction. Even though some see it as sarcasm, many authors opposed. There may be only a little bit of difference but essentially, there are not the same. Also one vital stratagem that should be taken note of is the use of a malicious tone because more often than not, it suggest a meaning which is much dissimilar than originally meant.

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