Why do Authors use Personification?


Why do Authors use Personification?

Personification is the practice used by writers/authors to give life to a non living object. A writing that can give human like characteristics to objects that will help raise the curiosity of the reader. When authors animate objects, they do this for various reasons. They usually do this to convey a mood, whether for excitement, drama, romance, happiness, sadness etc. It is a kind of metaphor used as a spice to make something more interesting.

People find it hard to relate to something that doesn’t hold any value, or life for that matter. A good example is a ‘rock,. It does nothing and no one would be interested in a rock. But if personification was used, it can turn into something different like ‘The rock moved and rolled down the hill, as if it was running away from something,. Giving life to the rock makes it an interesting topic. It is not just an ordinary rock anymore. That is what personification is for.

Personifications are not limited to objects alone. They can reach as far as one’s imagination can take them. Things like ideas, and the wind which doesn’t hold any specific shape and color can be used as well. The sun, moon, stars, universe, life and even death can be a subject to personification. The fun part in giving life to objects is that they can lead into a story, an article, a novel, poem, fiction or non fiction. The bottom line is that you create a mood for a ‘worthwhile read,.

The good thing about personification is that it helps readers ‘visualize, and make them understand things a little better. It is a very effective method in describing something difficult to describe. With personification anything is possible. You can even paint with the different colors of the wind. So the next time you read a book, don’t be surprised if the book will talk to you.

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  1. Korbi

    October 13, 2016 12:42 pm

    thanks really much! This is really helpful. I’ve understand something I would have never understood in class!


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