Why Do Azalea Leaves Turn Yellow?

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Why Do Azalea Leaves Turn Yellow?

It’s that time of the year again and you see the leaves of your plants starting to change colors. However you see that your azaleas changing colors very early in the season. This is a cause for concern because this means something is wrong.

Azaleas are acid lovers. If there is a ph imbalance in the soil, you will see the effects right away because the leaves change their colors. Iron deficiency caused by the ph imbalance in the soil may have been the cause for the leaves to turn yellow. Iron and other minerals are usually present in low ph levels so the Chlorosis may be because of two reasons. One is there is not enough iron in the soil for the azaleas to use. Second is the ph level of the soil is too high inhibiting the release of the iron to be utilized by it. To fix this, a fertilizer made especially for azaleas can be used to balance out the ph level of the soil.

Other reason for the leaves to turn yellow is that it is planted in an area where it does not usually thrive. So when the weather is not cooperating with them like the very hot summer followed by a wet autumn, which will most likely, damage its roots. Azaleas thrive in places where there is a balance in the weather. It does not like hot and dry summers as well as rainy and wet seasons as well as being left under the sun for a long time.

Spider mites and other pests can also be a reason why the leaves of the azaleas turn yellow when it is not yet expected to. Proper planting and watering will help. Searching for the proper ways to care for it will give you the knowledge on how to grow it and avoid discoloration.

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