Why do Aztecs make masks?

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“Aztecs” refers to the ethnic group of people that resided in parts of Mexico back in the 14th to the 16th centuries.  This group of people is known in history as a “masked culture” as they have become known to have worn a variety of masks on various occasions and for a variety of reasons.

One reason for the Aztec masks, according to experts, is that many of them believed that these masks offered great powers.  Depending on the materials the masks were made from, each mask was considered to possess powers from various gods and goddesses.  Many of these masks were adorned with precious metals that were said to symbolize various inherent strengths and powers.  Some of these metals were said to give protection to the people, and so many masks were decorated with various precious stones.  These precious stones and materials also served to distinguish the noble class from the working class.  Politicians, rulers, and people with a high status in the society were said to wear so-called more powerful masks because of the precious metals adorned on them.  The common people, meanwhile, resorted to wearing masks that were made of ordinary materials like wood and stone.

Some also believe that the wearing masks was part the Aztec religion.  Back in the past, experts believed that masks were worn in religious rituals and gatherings making them a part of their way of worship to their gods.  Some masks that have been discovered have snake images on them, and these are associated with a god named Quetzalcoatl.  It is also believed that many priests in the Aztec culture also wore masks during worship services or religious celebrations.

Overall, many experts believed that the Aztecs wore masks in their various activities making it necessary for them to make several types for different occasions.  Some even say that there were also masks that were designed to help the Aztecs protect themselves during battle.

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