Why do Bad boys like good girls?


Why do bad boys like good girls?

We have seen it everywhere. Brusque looking boys arm-in-arm with girls that have faces as innocent as an angel, a plain, simple girl in the middle of a notorious looking group of boys in a campus, or a rough looking boy pummeling the road with enormous speed while a sweet girl, wearing a subtle-pink long skirt, grasps his waist at the back end of his furious looking motorcycle.

What do you think these scenarios have in common? Obviously, a bad boy attached to a good girl, and why is that? Let’s dig into this issue further, as most of you (just like me) is tired of the reason that opposites just naturally attract. It could be right, but there must be a deeper rationale for this extraordinary relationship.

I personally believe that it’s all about the feeling of having a good girl as a conquest. Bad boys have this natural aura of being strong, fierce and ready to pounce on anyone who might do something disapproving of his thoughts or actions. Having a good girl by his side will give him the freedom to continue his ways without having to adjust his attitude. He feels that there is no need for him to be ‘Mr. Nice Guy’, because he feels that good girls will just keep their lips sealed and just follow his whims. Regardless if the boy genuinely likes the girl or not, the fact still remains that his authority on the relationship will suffice at all times. In the relationship developed between a bad boy and a good girl, the boy becomes the ruler while the girl will be the obedient follower. Good girls, in the meantime, go along with these boys and relationships because they feel protected and secured.

I may be wrong, but this is how I see things. It could also be that a boy likes a good girl beside him to soften him a bit, but then that’s another story.

Author: Joan

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4 Responses

  1. dana tinsley

    February 8, 2011 5:40 pm

    i’d have to disagree with the first and agree with the later…. have you ever thought that this good girl has a devious side… or even more apparent that this bad boy has a good side and reaches out to the good girl in hopes of being a better person. picking or obtaining this mate my allow this complex obvious judgemental appearance to explore & express a deeper side of themselves. Most “Bad Boy” and “Good Girls” have quite the story behind the ruff shell or the seemingly soft shell. maybe… just maybe their paths relate establishing a bond. it’s the balancing of life.

  2. Maker Is Awesome In the same way Wrong

    August 15, 2011 8:35 am

    Some boys Like good girls too because sometimes they are really curious how they are always act “Good”

    and not all boys are using Girls just so Boys can do whatever they Want

    I know it’s the way you see it, but I think You just really watch too much Movies

    Hell, I htink this Post was really long years ago xD

  3. Peter

    October 29, 2011 12:21 am

    bad boys were good little boys once, got a bit confused about dealing with issues as they rejected authority and others disciplines. They have been taught to be very fearful of something out there they always have to be prepared. Once they build their castle and secure it, they want a different outcome they experienced for their kids. Hence the nice girl, who resembles mum or a sister. Inside the home they can balance the agressive actions in everyday life with gentle soft actions and their wife will re-enforce this. Have a look at Mike Tyson now, the women he is with and how he sees life, he has always had Pidgeons so the gentle side was always there supressed.
    Just another scenario. We all want to be loved and get along, especially in your own home, but for these bad boys that’s where it was difficult.

  4. Nisa Jolly

    February 19, 2013 10:33 pm

    I’m a good girl, and I’m going out with a bad boy. To be honest, its a challenge for me, because he likes to party, fight and sometimes get in trouble. Me, on the other hand, not so much. I do drink once in a while, but I’m not really the typical party girl, and for some reason, he likes that. He did tell me that some girls that he went out with in the past, were party animals, sometimes slutty, and to him, it was a big turnoff for him. Sometimes I don’t mind him doing all that, because that’s his life, that’s his decision, but there are few times I am concerned and I do want him to make good choices, but I never confront him about it. But overall, he may be a “bad boy” but deep down he is a loving, affectionate, wonderful, awesome person inside, that’s all I try to concentrate on. As a Christian, I don’t ever wanna look at him in a negative way, but in a positive way. Like they always say “Just because people do bad things, doesn’t make them bad people” and I know that for sure. He’s entitled to his way of doing things, and I’m entitled to my way of doing things, and as long as we accept each other as we are, no problem, no problem at all.

    The reason why bad boys like good girls is because they are a challenge, and that’s the thing boys like, and they wanna challenge themselves on what its like to go out with someone the “opposite” of them. Most of them who go out with their counterparts (bad girls) sometimes they find it dull, boring and a big turnoff for them; bad girls are “too easy” they tend to offer themselves to anyone. Good girls, on the other hand, they are pretty much hard to get, and sometimes, its can be rare to find someone like that. Any girl that is hard to get, and are a big challenge, it just tells you “Yeah, that is a real woman right there” and therefore, they want that, they want real women. So thats pretty much my argument about that. Hope you like it 🙂


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