Why do baseball players spit so much?

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Why do baseball players spit so much?

Baseball is one interesting game that unceasingly captures audiences and aspiring players. With several teams to bet on along with nerve wrecking game plays to cheer on, baseball never failed to bring people into the world of sports and appreciate its uniqueness. Over the years of baseball’s existence, the critical part of such kind of sport is the drafting of the players, training them and putting them always in good condition. In the baseball field, it is not unusual for baseball players to be shedding off great amounts of sweat. It is one fact that is evident in all kinds and types of games.

As interesting as the baseball games seem to be, many audiences and critiques have observed that there is one common behavior among baseball players. Aside from the palpable nervousness and anxiety seen in the expressions of their faces, crowds, judges and commentators have observed that baseball players spit so much. And as to answering such query, the act of spitting done by baseball players have been theorized. There are four theories that were formulated in explaining such behavior. The first theory claims that baseball players follow the tradition of spitting so much in every game because during the early days of baseball, its players chew tobacco before the actual game. Since players cannot swallow the tobacco juice, they spit it out instead. The second theory is explained in the context of boredom and nervousness. In order to release the tension and anxiety, it was believed that players just ease it by spitting. The third theory claims that baseball players spit mainly because they play outdoors. And finally, it was theorized that players spit so much because it has been handed down to them and do they live with it.why do baseball players spit so much?

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