Why Do Beans Make You Fart?


Why Do Beans Make You Fart?

Farting is perfectly unavoidable and natural process most people encounter every day. Around two hundred species of bacteria lurk inside a person’s large intestine and when we eat beans, all of them get mashed up in the stomach and pass it to the small intestine. The different types of sugar constructing beans are too big to be taken inside the body by the walls of small intestine. There are no enough enzyme amounts that can break down these sugars into manageable pieces so it all ends up in bacteria starting to produce gas which includes carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen. These gases will be then released through the only opening available for them.

Bean sugars are the most notorious in producing stinky fart. The more beans you eat, the more fart you will expel. Because of beans, chemical reactions between intestinal juices and stomach acid are being triggered to produce carbon dioxide that particularly bulk out farts. On the other hand, gas produced by bacteria contains Hydrogen Sulfide that adds a characteristic fart aroma. Beans are scientifically proven to produce farts. Most of the people even use this as a medication for a person suffering from stomachache. They believe that if a person farts and takes out all the gas and air inside the body, he will be cured.

Sugars in beans are considered to be flatulence factors to experts who research this area of study. When this glucose reaches our stomach, bacteria will have a big feast and produce a huge amount of gas. A fart sound is then produced by the vibrations of the opening of the anus, depending on the expulsion velocity of the gas. A common misconception is that the fart noise is produced by the flapping of the cheeks of the butt.

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    July 6, 2014 6:20 am

    Very imteresting information! I’ve always wondered why that happened. Thanks for this article! 🙂


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